Our story

MeetingProof was built to empower the ideas guys and girls in us all.

Our team of experienced entrepreneurs have all turned ideas into innovations across sectors, across the world.

We understand that ideas underpin everything. We also know that ideas are hard to protect.

It’s not always appropriate or the right time and place to Copyright, Trademark or Patent.

You know that building successful businesses is a team sport, and ideas need to be shared to grow.

However, in early stages you can be stuck in a Catch 22.

You need to share your idea or information to develop. But are at risk of being exploited or inappropriately shared.

That’s why we built MeetingProof to simplify the protection process.

With MeetingProof you can protect confidential information when you meet simply by using the App.

In the time it takes a Barista to make a Cappuccino, you can sign a meeting contract and be reassured that you can ‘meet with confidence’ safe in the knowledge that your confidential information has been recognised and respected.


Meet the team


Matt Pattison, CiEHF, FRSA

Matt is a Design Thinker with a long heritage in building products and services from clinical settings to media, telecommunications to much more.

He has been lucky enough to develop technology for the worlds largest and most exciting companies alike and from phone Apps for those in South African townships, to the owners of luxury automotive marques and American healthcare patients.

As an ‘ideas guy’ and Design Thinker, Matt understands the value of intellectual property, and to help empower/support the ideas guy and girl in us all, set out to build MeetingProof to democratise access to support.


Samantha Oakley

Samantha is a very experienced commercial/IP lawyer and advisor and is MeetingProof’s founding legal mind. For the last few years Samantha has been offering her specialist know how (based on her extensive heritage in media, technology and consulting – for companies such as Channel 4, Comic Relief Symbian/Nokia) to help start-ups/SMEs innovate and grow.

Samantha offers the team a vital perspective on the rapidly changing tech and IP landscape, whilst helping us navigate complex innovation – always with flexibility and fairness in mind.


Susie Quddus

Susie loves to see creative businesses grow from seed to tree. She has worked for a number of such stellar businesses, streamlining and amplifying their brand voice. With a background in Advertising & Graphic Design, she has over 10 years experience successfully balancing the juxtaposition between design (making sure it works) and communications (it tells a good story).