What is a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and why do I need one?

A NDA is essentially an agreement to keep information and ideas confidential. If you have ideas, methods, solutions or processes that are unique to you, then often the best way to protect them is by ensuring that the people you share them with understand that they can’t tell anyone else about them and can only use them for a specific purpose. A NDA is the agreement that encapsulates this.

Do I need a lawyer?

No. We built this product as a universal agreement that is the same for everyone. All you have to do is add in your confidential information, the purpose and duration. A core member of our team is a commercial lawyer and we designed it so that you don’t need to find one!

What is the ‘Purpose’ of the meeting?

If you are sharing your confidential information with someone else there must be a reason for doing so. This is the purpose of the meeting. The purpose is important because it makes it clear why you are sharing your information and the limitations on how someone else can use it.

Do I have to add specific ‘Confidential Information’ or is this Optional?

We have designed the NDA so that it covers the general types of confidential information that people share with each other. If there is something specific you would like to protect you can add it here.

How long should I choose for the agreement to last for? 3, 5 or 10 years?

This may depend on the type of information. For example, you have an idea for a new app but you need to get it built. You may want the app developer to be bound to keep it secret for a few years until you are ready to launch. We offer a number of years for flexibility.

Where are my NDAs kept?

All of your completed contracts are secured in your personal vault which you can find through your Dashboard. To access, simply sign in to your account – https://app.meetingproof.com/login

What if somebody refuses to sign?

If someone refuses to sign a NDA then you should consider if they are the right person for you to be sharing your valuable confidential information with. In these circumstances, and if you absolutely need to, then you should consider sharing the minimum amount of information they need and not giving away your ‘crown jewels’.

What happens if I can’t find an email, get stuck, or if I cannot see my contract?

The first email can sometimes end up in junk or SPAM folders. In the first instance, please check your junk.

Once all parties have signed, your contract is available in your dashboard. To access your dashboard sign into your account at www.meetingproof.com. You can also find a link to your contract in your final email.

If you are still having problems please email us at: hello@meetingproof.com

How can I contact MeetingProof?

If you are having any difficulties or need to connect with us then please first contact our Support Centre at hello@meetingproof.com . Alternatively, via our customer support line 0345 257 5400 and one of our support team will connect with you ASAP.

What if I change my mind and want a refund?

We hope you love MeetingProof as much as we do but if not, we offer 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of signing up to a subscription or on your first Pay-As-You-Go payment. Please note that your NDAs will be deleted from your personal Dashboard after the date of closure.